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Community Park Project

Besides a the Josh Brown and Jordan Jermacans Scholarship Funds, the Josh and Jordan Memorial Tournament and Forever Impactful raises funds to put back into Happy Landings (Community Park) for the community.


Over the past couple years, the Jordan and Josh Memorial Tournament has raised funds to put a memorial plaque at Happy Landings (also known as Community Park) and the name on the back of his high school basketball jersey to hang inside the Exeter High School. Our organization would now like to invest more in the park for the community and do it in honor of Josh Brown and Jordan Jermacans. Two Exeter alumni whom both played basketball and tragically passed while in high school both due to heart conditions. 

Some of the investments in the park we have for our future goals are repainting the basketball court with a cool new design in both Josh and Jordan name as well as maintain the basketball nets and revitalizing the pavilion area and areas around it.

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